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Your unique conditions may create challenges to finding a satisfying career, but they are not insurmountable obstacles. We will work together to discover your hidden career passions, personal strengths, vocational aptitudes and identify the difficult areas of your life and the challenges you have to face. Learning Disabilities, ADHD and medical conditions don’t have to hold you back from living your best life and planning your future.

Vocational Assessment

We offer vocational evaluations and career assessments for adolescents, young adults and mid-career adults to uncover the uniqueness of you. Career Assessments will identify your career interests, potential skills to develop, values, and personality traits.

Vocational Evaluations go further than career assessments. Vocational Evaluations help you identify positive and negative aspects of your medical and learning challenges in order to make recommendations about careers that would best match your temperament and needs.
Vocational Evaluations utilize information found in medical and educational records to determine not only the functional limitations a learning disability, medical disability or chronic illness bring to your life, as well as your hidden strengths and passions. With this information specific careers and appropriate educational or workplace accommodations can be identified that will lead to practical solutions and workplace or educational success.

Assessment tools are chosen based upon the client’s individual needs.

Career Guidance and Vocational Planning

Our career planning services are intended to help adults, adolescents, and young adults create an educational or career training plan. College is not the only option! We respect your goals and help you discover the training and educational opportunities that are right for you. Apprenticeships, trade schools, certificate programs, community college are viable alternatives to a four-year college education. The labor market is filled with well-paying jobs that do not require advanced degrees.

We offer career guidance for mid-career adults, adolescents and young adults to help them understand their strengths and interests as they prepare to select college majors or choose a career direction.


An informed advocate can be your best tool at educational planning meetings or even in the workplace when requesting practical accommodations to help you succeed despite medical and educational disabilities.

Career Support and Career Exploration

We specialize in working with young adults and adults with attention and learning differences.  We provide ongoing support to help you realize the recommendations provided in the vocational assessment.

For Young Adults:
We utilize cutting edge online programs to easily research jobs they may be considering by providing information on schools that provide training, salary ranges, growth potential and areas of the country where these jobs are more likely found.
We coordinate our services with college counseling and disability centers providing the young adults we work with support as they develop a career direction and move toward their goal.
We offer support and guidance every step of the way including job searches, resumes and coaching for job interviews.
For Adults:
We help our clients understand how their medical and learning differences impact job performance. We assist in developing accommodation plans to help them function more effectively. We help mid-career changers identify both new career paths and jobs within their current field that are better suited for their abilities and needs.

Adolescents and Teens:
We work one-on-one with adolescents and teens to explore career options through online courses and virtual counseling sessions. We help teens and parents plan a middle and high program of studies that maximizes high school and post graduate educational opportunities.
Adolescents and teens can learn about emerging careers and colleges or trade schools that provide training related to specific careers, employment and salary data, and in-depth information that can help them make better post high school choices as well as take advantage of existing high school options and opportunities.

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